4th October 2019

Three meetings and an idea

©Scottish Society of the History of Photography.

This week, I have had three encouraging meetings. The first was with the social enterprise People Know How.  With a forthcoming event being hosted by this organisation – which I have been asked asked to photograph, this was the first of two planning meetings I am involved with.

Many of the details I am unable to discuss at this time, but the event concerned is a collaboration event hosted by People Know How.  I hope to have further details soon…. Even so, whilst at this meeting, I was introduced to the chairman of an organisation called the Scottish Society of the History of Photography.   

Part of this organisation’s work includes the production of the magazine Studies in Photography and has been hosting lectures on

Although this organisation has been around for a while, they have recently moved into a new office – within the same building as People Know How. I look forward to working with this organisation, and learning more about its community.

The third meeting was with the Network of Photographers for Palestine.  This network is a collective of activists and photographers who seek to provide Palestinian photographers with a world-wide audience.  Hoping to tell the story of Palestine as it is experienced now. 

So, for the time being, I continue to consider my project coveringaspects of mental health, the manner in which we interact with each other and our perceptions of each other.  During these afore mentioned meetings, I started considering how these respective communities may give inspiration to my own work.

When we hear of objectification, self-loathing, abuse and oppression, what do you think?  Is it something that only happens to others?  Does it only happen elsewhere? Does it even happen at all? – What if it happened to you?