15th February 2018

A fundraiser

Last Friday, I attended a fundraising event for two local organisations; Aid and Abet and Safer by Sound. Although it was an evening I can only describe as enjoyable; I must also admit, it left me thinking it was an excellent networking opportunity. This may seem obvious to some, but the feeling I had was more positive than usual!

The two intended beneficiaries included one I had not encountered before – Aid & Abet. As an Edinburgh based organisation, Aid and Abet is aimed at:

…bringing together an active and committed group of people who have been through offending, prison and addiction.

….Our aim is to make sure that each individual leaving prison has somewhere to stay and some money in their pocket on the first night after release, and to stick with them through the challenging first few days of freedom

Safer by Sound, is a socially inclusive and culturally diverse local community project encouraging participation in performance art; such as music, poetry and stand-up comedy.  I have been aware of this organisation for a while, and I look forward to work with them again.

During the evening, we were entertained by performances of Flamenco dancing, poetry by Mike Berry, and dance & drums by Be United. With more events on the horizon presented by Safer by Sound, I look forward to attending…

However (in reference to the comment I previously mentioned about networking), I am considering asking if any of the people I meet would be willing to spend time in a studio. Given that I am eager to further my experience of using a studio, some of the characters I met at the fundraiser gave me inspiration.  After all, whilst writing this entry, I am considering the notion that photography is a window to the soul.