1st January 2019

The new year has arrived. 

Let me start by wishing everyone a Prosperous New Year.  For many, the New Year can be a time of renewal; Hogmanay (the name given to the last day of the year here in Scotland) acts as a symbolic “line in the sand” to put our past behind us and move forward – usually whilst having a party!

For this year, I have two projects planned for my photography.  One is to travel to Tanzania with the NGO SASHITA with the aim living within the village of Samuye in the Shinyanga Rural District of Tanzania.  By doing this, my objective is to enable a greater level of awareness and understanding of the livelihoods of peoples I meet, capturing the beauty, dignity and stories of the people’s and cultures I encounter through the medium of photography. 

The second is the pursuit of a project which I am calling in:Security – When you pass someone in the street, who do you see?  Who do you want to see?  What do people see in you?  Intended to be an ongoing project about creating awareness and to encourage us to question ourselves and the society we interact with.

With plans afoot, I will publish updates as the years proceeds…