22nd April 2018

Studio Bizio

©Lydia Panas

I have returned from my second visit to an art gallery in as many days. Not front-page news in itself, but an interesting two days nonetheless. Admittedly one of the exhibitions, When We Were Young at the Scottish Portrait Gallery, I have already seen. The purpose being was to meet two friends whom I have not recently seen…

The other exhibiton was at a new gallery called Studio Bizio currently exhibiting work by Lydia Panas. As a fine art photographer, the work by this artist has been widely exhibited in galleries, museums and festivals internationally, including the National Portrait Gallery in London, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, the Brooklfvfyn Museum, the Phillips Collection and Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC and various other galleries.

The images on show included some under the heading Promised Land which are aimed at blurring the boundraries of what society expects from us and the loss of childhood innocence. There were also images from the projects Ghost Portraits and The Italian Series; if you ever have the opportunity to view the work by Lydia Panas to be inspirational.

With Studio Bizio being a new studio located within the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh, during my visit I learnt that the gallery will be hosting the work by a variety of artists, with the next show begining on the 3rd of May. The opening night of the new exhibition, by Galina Kurlat, includes a talk by Galina about her work. Something I am looking forward too…