8th December 2017

One step forward, two steps back…

I’ve had an interesting week which has included a trip to Glasgow to attend the 5th Annual Crossreach Volunteer Graduation Ceremony. As an organisation which offers assistance to those in recovery from Alcohol and Substance misuse, Crossreach has also been offering volunteer training to those who have shown an interest in such voluntary positions; such as providing peer-to-peer support.

As a celebration of their acheivement, the graduation included comments from Kuladharini (her Buddhist name I believe) of the Scottish Recovery Consortium, encouraging all of those present to have courage – and take day at a time.

Asides from this, I have been in contact with a peer support group based in north Edinburgh. Utilising a bowling club formerly operated by Edinburgh Council, it is intended to be a place where people in recovery can meet to socialise and take part in Yoga, woodwork and music groups.  Hoping to discuss using this venue as a location for a photo-shoot, I have twice been this week – only to find the place closed each time!

Despite this, and in the spirit of moving forward, the studio I am interested in using is still there and the time of year offers the chance of some interesting nighttime photographs…