God Save the King

Today we learn of the sad news that Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II has died. It is always sad to hear of someone’s passing, and this is no different.  As the UK's longest-serving monarch, having reigned for 70 years, she has been a constant in

Three International Days…

Something new I recently learnt is that this week plays host to three consecutive days designated by the United Nations as a means of promoting international awareness and action  These International Days being: The 29th of August is the International Day against Nuclear Tests. The

Global Parents Day

Today, June the 1st, is Global Parents Day and I must admit - it is not a day I am familiar with.  In fact, until recently, I had never heard of it.  Sure, I am aware of ‘Mother’s Day’ and ‘Father’s Day’ - many of

International Women’s Day

In a month which has seen the continued Russian invasion of Ukraine, I have been anxiously watching the news of the unfurling events - mindful of the disturbing images the world has seen, I would like to mention International Women's Day. First-off, I should admit

Happy New Year!

It has been another difficult year with COVID-19 still going.  Thankfully, the vaccine rollout is steadily progressing for many which is helping to reduce hospital admissions. I am thankful that I have been able to continue working on two fronts.  One of the these for


With the COP26 summit now at an end, the question remains: Will it actually make a difference? Much as though I would like to say that such summits will, but it seems likely that progress in achieving the 1.5c warming target will be painfully slow.


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