14th August 2017

Positive Help

Positive Help is a charitable organisation that offers practical support to people living with or affected by HIV and/or Hepatitis C. The charity was set up in 1989 in response to clients’ requests for help with day-to-day tasks, which they were struggling to do by themselves as a result of their illness. Over the years, our services have adapted to meet the changing needs of our clients, but our original purpose remains the same. We are based in the city centre and we cover Edinburgh and the Lothians.

We offer four services: Home Support, which helps clients to keep on top of household tasks which they would otherwise find too physically demanding; Supportive Transport, which provides free lifts to and from essential medical appointments, benefits review meetings, support groups or supermarkets; Children & Young People’s Befriending, which provides children with fun and educational outings so that they don’t miss out on the experiences their peers are having; and Study Buddies, which provides one-to-one homework and academic support to children who may be falling behind at school as a result of their own or their parents’/guardians’ HIV or Hepatitis C status.