23rd November 2017

Meow Studio

©Timothy C Aikman

I have recently been considering using a studio. Perhaps not a startling piece of news in itself, but the last time I used a studio was when I was at college. Even so, I visited Meow Studios in the Leith area of Edinburgh yesterday as I was interested in seeing the facilities available.

The studio seemed a good size with both a white infinity wall and a separate green screen. Gaining acces to the studio was via acoffee shop, through which access was also made to a music studio and an “Escape Room”. I have no experience of these Escape Rooms, but I read from their website Escape Rooms ScotlandYou’ll work your way through a series of codes, puzzles and riddles to try and find the key to the door.

During my visit, I learned that there is a wide variety of photographers who attend – some students, some experienced. Which got me thinking; although I have experience as a photographer, I have very little experience in studio photography. If I had to offer advice to a new photographer, I would say:

Don’t be afraid using legacy lenses. Nor should you be afraid to use legacy cameras – using all manual cameras, not

just manual settings, as this forces you to learn your craft and to observe. You can learn more the relationship between ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. This can assist you to learn about the relationship between yourself (the photographer), your camera and your subject.

With this in mind, I will be using the studio. Granted, I have a digital camera (an A7rii), with some legacy lenses, but learn I must if I am to use the studio. I have already been developing a shot list – as this progresses, I will share the results…