11th July 2018

Ladies Day Out

It has been a while since I last made an entry, but my work continues.  Last week, I attended an event co-hosted by Safer by Sound and Building Bridges in a venue called Santosa;

…A Yoga Studio incorporating a vegan/veggie cafe and Scotland’s widest range of ethically sourced, fairly traded products.

@Timothy C Aikman

It was an enjoyable evening incorporating music, poetry, belly dancing and talks in which we learnt about the experience of the son of a Polish family growing-up in Scotland and the son of the first Seikh bus conductor in Edinburgh.

Whilst there, I spoke with a local actor who has written a play called Ladies Day Out.  During this conversation, he asked me to take some photographs of the production – which I have done…

As an explainer, the play is a comedy about a couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary at a horse race.  Hoping that it would be a private celebration, they discover that they are sharing the day with a group of female plumbers enjoying a works day-out.  I’m not a theatrical critic, but I can say that this play was a pleasure to watch.

Although I  have limited experience in theatrical photography, especially during a “live” show, I endeavoured to capture a series of images.  Approaching the production in a manner similar to previous events I have attended, the writer described the images I provided as “fantastic”.

Naturally, I am happy with this feedback.  However, as with everything, each experience we have should be an experience we learn from.