With the World Health Organisation declaring the ongoing issues of Coronavirus a Global Pandemic, countries worldwide are taking their precautions to tackle this virus. Countries which currently have no reported cases, are also taking steps to protect themselves.  It is with this as a backdrop I write this blog post. 

Before I continue, I should state that I am not medically qualified – I make no attempt to provide any medical advice.  The suggestion I would make is that you should listen to the official advice provided by the government and health services of where you are. If you have any queries or concerns, seek assistance from the relevant authorities. 

The purpose of this post is borne (in part) from a conversation I recently had concerning a proposed overseas trip as a photographer: to a country which currently has no reported cases.  I will leave this ‘to one side’ for the time being, as discussions are still ongoing.

But the thoughts I would like to mention are thus… 

One of the photography projects I have been considering involves capturing images under the heading of Living Cities, Deserted Streets. The idea is to capture cityscapes of a deserted city, in the hope of portraying an otherwise bustling city in a new light.  This may not be a new idea, but with my home city being quieter than normal, I got thinking of taking advantage…

For those who are under quarantine, another option would be to use this time to:

  1. Create a documentary of your isolation.
  2. Do you use the photo-editing software you have to its full potential? Why not learn?
  3. Develop project ideas – write them down and consider how you may approach the subject. 

With international travel restrictions in place, the best place to start is at home. There is no doubt Covid -19 will have its influence for many around the world; and photography can be a powerful means of portraying current events for generations to come.  But (atleast, in my opinion), not to the extent that the Photographer loses sight of the bigger situation and exacerbates the situation…