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If only for an inspiring post….

With 2020 drawing to a close, many of us are looking forward to a more prosperous new year.  A well worn phrase which has a greater significance than normal.  As a photographer I have been encouraged by the ingenuity and effort made by many photographers to pursue their craft, despite facing the challenges presented by COVID-19.  I have also been saddened by the news of

If only for an inspiring post….2021-06-23T07:39:33+01:00

A reminder of the steps taken?

As a regular reader of Petapixel (a website offering Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration), I recently came across an article about Analogue Wonderland - an online store specialising in camera film, with the aim of making it easy for film photographers to find their next film: the next creative vehicle for their vision.   With the announcement of a new subscription service called

A reminder of the steps taken?2021-06-24T11:20:08+01:00

I need to make a decision!

Well, if I am being honest, the decision concerned is not entirely mine. What I am referring too relates to my intended trip to Malawi which has been further delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.  Just to recap, last year I made contact with a Scottish based NGO operating in Northern Malawi.  At first, I was hoping to visit the project (as a photographer)

I need to make a decision!2021-06-29T18:36:47+01:00

Black Lives Matter – Edinburgh

Many have heard of events in the United States which has resulted in deaths of people of colour in police custody.  A problem which is not unique to those who live within the US.  It remains a matter which affects us all. George Floyd, from what I have read, is a 46-year-old who was born in North Carolina.  He lived in Houston, Texas, and had

Black Lives Matter – Edinburgh2021-06-24T11:20:58+01:00

A reflective thought

With the COVID-19 “lockdown” continuing (atleast within the UK), I hope you remain safe.  It is in this is this time of self-isolation, I reflect on some fo the conversations I have had as a photographer - whilst looking forward to a time when the lock-down has been lifted. Two of the incidents I have experienced over the years, still make me wonder about people’s

A reflective thought2021-06-24T11:22:27+01:00

Covid -19 and Photography.

With the World Health Organisation declaring the ongoing issues of Coronavirus a Global Pandemic, countries worldwide are taking their precautions to tackle this virus. Countries which currently have no reported cases, are also taking steps to protect themselves.  It is with this as a backdrop I write this blog post.  Before I continue, I should state that I am not medically qualified - I make

Covid -19 and Photography.2021-06-24T11:23:16+01:00

A new decade…

It is a new year, traditionally a time to look forward and start anew.  But one key thought comes to mind - if you do wish to start anew, this can be done at any point during the year.  I know that this may seem obvious, but a new decade has arrived nonetheless. For me, 2020 has already seen my laptop (I hope) repaired and

A new decade…2021-06-24T11:23:50+01:00

Garry Fabian Miller

Last night, I attended the annual photographers lecture organised by The Scottish Society of the History of Photography (SSHoP).  Since 1994, SSHoP has organised a series of Annual Lectures delivered both by photographers invited to Scotland and by those resident in the country.  This year, the talk was given by Garry Fabian Miller.  With the concept of “camera-less photography” being unfamiliar to me, we learnt

Garry Fabian Miller2021-06-24T11:24:39+01:00
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