It is a new year, traditionally a time to look forward and start anew.  But one key thought comes to mind – if you do wish to start anew, this can be done at any point during the year.  I know that this may seem obvious, but a new decade has arrived nonetheless.

For me, 2020 has already seen my laptop (I hope) repaired and I am looking forward to working with an NGO in Malawi – details should be coming soon.  Those of you who have been reading this blog will know that I had been talking about going to Tanzania.  Unfortunately, there has been a change of plan…  I will refrain from going any details but, one of the signs of a good photographer is to adapt. 

When pursing photography – as with any line of work, there is nothing wrong in occasionally “taking stock”.  Going somewhere quiet, free from distraction to avoid any procrastination (such as a local library, art gallery or public park), so as to consider and create your goals; and plan how to get there.

There is the saying (I am tempted to say cliché) that a photograph is worth a thousand words.  A good photograph may tell a story but, in my view, it is a great photograph that encourages a story to be told.